Monday, January 26, 2009

Week Ending Summary 1/25/09

This week was good for me. I got in plenty of miles even though I was very busy at work. As most of you know I called out Cassandra early in the week - well my week I logged 20.1 miles. Beat that.

Yesterday I got out for a bike ride - 15.9 miles. It felt good even though it was 57 degrees and I only wore a jersey and shorts. Still it was nice to get on the bike after seven weeks. And on top of that it was a PB for distance.

This week the plan is as follows:

  1. Sun: 15.9 cycling
  2. Mon: 4 miles
  3. Tues: 3 miles
  4. Wed: 4 miles
  5. Thurs: 2 miles + softball
  6. Fri: 2 miles
  7. Sat: 6 miles

Total: 21 miles + 15.9 cycling + softball

Doing this I should reach a few of my goals this month (overall mileage) but I'm going to fail my 20-day in a row goal I gave myself and I missed my 2 mile time trail I had scheduled for over the past weekend. (I ran 6+ miles instead; which by the way was a very nice run). Maybe I can run Friday's 2 miler as a TT for a PB. I'll have to think about it.

Finally just to clarify - my vacation isn't until the 11th of Feb. I know I keep harping on making it to my vacation, but it's still a ways out and I have to deal with the stress level until then. Thank you all for the kind comments but no I'm still plodding towards my vacation time. (20 days)! Trust me I do plan on taking pics, running, and hiking while in Maui so I'll share all that with you. There may be a delay due to Internet access (and my willingness to sit in front of a PC) but I will share everything with you guys.

Keep Steppin'

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SuperDave said...

What a great all around active week. Man I can't wait until the Spring - looking forward to getting out on the bike.
I love having a vacation goal date in mind. It helps getting through the "tough" days at work!