Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Log entry 1/13/09

Last night's run was nice - after missing the day before I was itching to get out the door and the weather helped a ton (91 during the day and it dropped to 58 by 8 pm). I planned an easy three miles with another mile as a warmup and cooldown.

The three miles I wanted to do at 10 min pace - and this is where I'm glad I've been running for so long.

Mile 1 - 10:01
Mile 2 - 10:01
Mile 3 - 10:02

The only time I even looked at my watch was at the mile markers. At the second mile I thought I had pressed the wrong button and my watch had stopped after mile 1. Imagine my confusion at first when I finished......

Overall it was a very good run, and I'm pleased with my progress over the last quarter. I've increased my cooldown distance to force myself into doing some slower miles throughout the week. I was noticing on my log graphs that I'd been trying to get in too many 'quick' miles. This was a good way to 'trick' myself. Right now my cooldown is .94 miles and I'm doing that at a 15 min pace. (OK now everyone can open the debate over 'junk miles') My though is: I am putting in another mile, and that 5 additional miles for the week, and less time spend sitting on my ass in front of the TV.

Keep Steppin'


Tanya said...

My 2 cents worth-there's no such thing as junk miles. Running is good for you; you don't need a particular pace or distance to make it good for you. 91-you're hotter than we are. We only got up to 83 yesterday.

Bob Hazen said...

I agree - I'm reading about the concept of 'junk miles' right now. Hopefully I'll post my thoughts about it soon. But I ten to agree. At my skill/endurance level no miles are junk miles.