Saturday, January 17, 2009

Motivation (Extra)

I've joined a on-line running group - 800 miles for the year. It's tied to my running log and I think it will help me stay motivated throughout the year. The YTD distance graph is kind of nice. Damm I want to beat that pace bunny. (Take a look at the link and you'll understand) I'd encourage anyone who reads and wants to do 800+ this year to join me. The group is very quiet and it would be nice to have more members.

Yesterday I had another good run - I did a route that I've only run once before so it was nice having a change. 31:08 was my time for a 5k distance. Warmup and cooldown was about a mile added to that roughly at a 14:20 pace. Today my legs are a little sore and I had originally scheduled a PB long run for 7 miles today but that will have to be scrapped since we are have some old friends visiting us tonight for dinner. Hopefully I'll still get out and log about 3-4 miles though.

With today being my last day for the week, I've had a pretty good week. Mileage is up where I want it, and back to levels before the holidays. If all goes well tonight I should end my week at around 23 miles. Not a bad week, I'll take that. Hopefully I can build on that all the way up to our Maui trip in mid-Feb.

Keep Steppin'


SuperDave said...

I'm a member of Buckeye Outdoors where I log my miles. We sorta have the same thing over there w/ Training buddies/partners. It's pretty cool. We encourage each other often. 800 is a big #! I would like to do the same and it should be a good challenge if I can get there.

MOMMY-MOMO said...

have you looked into the nike plus? That thing is AWESOME! tracks your runs...

Casey said...

Oh, snap! It's ON!! :)