Monday, March 30, 2009

I Took A Week Off

Well for no apparent reason - I took a whole week off. I could use the excuse that my business hours have changed, and I can no longer run after I put the kids to bed (I have to go to bed also). But when it really comes down to it - I just wanted the rest. I've done my softball and a round of golf last week so I haven't been a total lazy blob, but no running or cycling until this past Saturday.

Saturday I went for a small ride - it felt good and I was glad I was out in the saddle. Only 8+ miles covered but I was very happy to be on the road. Sunday I got in 4 miles running. What a difference a week makes! My conditioning sucks but my legs felt pretty strong.

A couple of things I'll be writing about here in the next few days:
1. My new shoes - Brooks GTS 8.
2. My new running partner - Bogey
3. Update on Eddie
4. My cycling guy, did he really tryout for the Olympics?

Yeah just a couple of teasers - can you tell I did college radio for a few years?

Keep Steppin'

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

BIke Ride

Sunday was a good day. I got on my bike and rode 13 miles with my neighbor. He's about 10 years younger and a former tri guy. In fact I've been told through the grapevine (street gossip) that he tried out for the US Olympic decathlon. This I haven't confirmed yet but sooner or later I'm going to have to ask him. Either way I was glad for the company - he's a good guy. And he helped me power up the hills.

Monday I ended up running about 6 miles total. Legs feel pretty good, and my conditioning seems pretty good also. Actually I'm surprised because I've only had 3 days off this month. I was sure two weeks ago when I upped my mileage that I was going to get fatigued in my legs but that hasn't happened. If fact yesterday I felt stronger overall that I had in a long time. Hopefully this will continue for a while.

The rest of the week should be the same as last week - I'm shooting to log another 12-15 miles this week putting me at 30 for the week (including cycling). Another solid week so I can't complain.

Keep Steppin'

Saturday, March 14, 2009

It's Been a Good Week

24.4 Miles so far this week - and I'm not done yet. I feel really strong and pleased with my workouts this month. A couple of PB's and a mini streak of 6 days is what I got going. Isn't it funny how running goes in cycles? I've been running since HS and still it amazes me how you have just good weeks/months and then just horrible runs, weeks, and complete months.

Currently I'm on pace to run over 100 miles this month! I can't remember the last time I did that - maybe 1990? Actually I'm surprised on how good my legs feel. Right now they are a little sluggish, but nothing I can't deal with. Do I anticipate running 100+ miles this month? No, but being this far into the month and that being within reach is very nice to know. Maybe in a few months I'll break that 100 mile barrier but I'm not going to kill myself this month trying to get there. My goal this month is 70 miles so I should reach that if I continue on doing what I'm doing.

Keep Steppin'

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Another PB Made This Week

Well today was supposed to be run with my friend Eddie - but as I feared he bailed on me about 2 hours before we were supposed to meet.

Text Message:
Eddie: "dude i hve to bail still in SD srry"
Me: "np your an ass see u soon"
Don't you love texting? God I hate it.

So instead of running down in Carlsbad - I drove home and ran at night like I usually do. My plan was to run a quick 2-miler that Eddie and I had planned plus a small warm up and cool down. During the warm up, my legs felt like lead so I decided to see what would happen if I really pushed myself over the next two miles. Well I pushed through the lead feeling and cruised to a 19:02 PB! That's the second PB over a distance this week - I must be coming to a peak in my workouts. I'm not going to complain.
Keep Steppin'

Another Good Run

Last night I had another good run, I had scheduled myself just under 3 miles plus a mile warm up and a mile cool down. (5 miles total). Like last week, once I got out the door, I just started running a made-up route - not because I felt good like last week, but because I was struggling early and wanted to see if I could push myself through the difficult part.

Right out the door my left calf started complaining but overall I was doing OK so I continued to push through my 'difficulty'. I'm sure I'm not alone on this, but when my lower legs aren't warmed up enough or are just tired I experience cramping in my arches. Nothing too dangerous to run with as long as I keep the intensity level down. Well yesterday I pushed myself when the cramping started and slowly I inched my way through the first 3 miles. After that I felt pretty good and running under a full moon was a nice calm feeling.

The moon in fact was so bright, it didn't let any but the largest stars show. Another thing I noticed last night that even though I got started later than normal, there were quite a few people out walking their dogs. (Just wondering why.)

I spoke with my friend Eddie - we're going to do two miles after work today down in Carlsbad. He hasn't run lately so it will be good for him. I'll just enjoy the company.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Reunion Thoughts

Reunion planning sucks. I've mentioned before that I'm in charge of planning my High School's 20th class reunion. Slowly things are coming together - and I'm really trying to stay out of a lot of the details, but people keep coming to me for advice, thoughts, expectations, etc. I think some my my anxiety stems from this commotion in the back of my mind that these old classmates/friends are stirring up.

I mean 20-years is a long time, and High School was good to me but I was a a$$ when I look back at myself. Several memories flash across my mind's movie screen that I'm ashamed of doing and talking to all of these classmates bring these memories to the forefront of my mind. Now don't misunderstand me; my whole High School experience wasn't bad, actually most of it was very good; it's just 3-5 things I did to people that make me ashamed. Things I never admitted to, owned up to, or outright didn't apologize for; these things have my stomach churning.

I'm not a hugely religious man - but I was brought up in a religious family (in fact my mother is a Presbyterian Minister) and these actions of a 16 year old still bother me to this day. I'm not crazy and I'm not going to bring up these instances just so I can 'clense' myself of my guilt but sometimes I wish I could just say I'm sorry for the hurt I caused. I'm sure I'm not alone and that everyone behaved poorly in HS and normally It's not even on my mind, but with the planning these thoughts are just sitting there.

So for anyone who knew me in HS sorry (which I'm sure no one is reading this) - I'm an A$$. Please forgive me.

Running update: I'm supposed to run with my friend Eddie on Wednesday - he's a former marine and we ran the Ladera Ranch Fourth of July 5k together this past year. He literally pulled me through that race (that's when I decided I'd take running much more seriously) and tomorrow will be the first time we've run together since then so I'm looking forward to his company. We're only going to do 2 miles since he's hasn't run at all over the past few months, but I have a feeling that he's going to do just fine.

Keep Steppin'

Monday, March 9, 2009

Damm Lakers / Taxes and Other Stuff

Damm it was a bad night. I didn't go running - worked on my tax return and my Lakers got crushed again by Portland. What's up with the Lakers and Portland? I should have gone out for a run but just couldn't get myself off the couch and before I knew it; it was 10:30 pm.

I did my standard walk at lunch so it wasn't a total waste of a day.

Blood results came back nothing really to note other than my cholesterol is way up (it's always been high.) I'm wondering what I'm going to have to do to get it lower. I'm really not that bad of an eater.

Today's schedule is a quick lunch walk then about 3 miles tonight - that should put me at about 15 miles for the week.

Tomorrow I'm supposed to run with a friend - but I have a feeling that he's going to flake on me. Either way I'll run the 2 miler I have scheduled.

Keep Steppin'


Another New Week

Last week went pretty well - I missed out on my run Saturday. But other than that it was a good week. I would have like to but in more miles under my belt (15.7) so I'm going to work on that this week.

Sunday Beth talked me into going to see the doctor. I've have had heartburn and anxiety since before Christmas. The vacation helped, but the first week back in the office both symptoms returned. I got a good doctor - she prescribed more running, and a blood test. So that helped my anxiety levels almost right off. At least I didn't feel like an idiot. The blood test(s) are just some basic screens; I don't expect to see anything abnormal in them.

Sunday afternoon following the doctor's orders - I stepped out and ran a 10k. I finished in 1:04:11 which was a PB for me. I felt pretty good and relaxed throughout the run. Today my legs are just a tiny bit sore though. Considering I normally don't do that kind of distance I was pleased with my effort and results. Hopefully I can find this kind of time to run this more often without Beth killing me.

Plan this week is to get in about 22-23 miles +softball. I'm putting it down for my readers so I can be held accountable.

Keep Steppin'

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Running in the Rain

Last night I stepped out and was startled to see a light mist falling. I love running in ths stuff. Now granted it's better to run in the daylight in this stuff because as soon as the sun goes down it starts getting really cold. But last night is was the perfect temp.

By the end of the run - the drizzle had stopped, and mist hung on the trails and streets. It was surreal running through the thick damp air with only streetlights and the half moon that was poking through the clouds to light my way.

I had planned on only running about 2 miles total but at the turnaround I just kept going. about 3 miles later I found myself at home. Kind of amazing - and I'm always astonished when something like this happens. Ran the bulk of it at a 10:17 pace so I was very pleased with the run as a whole.

Today I only have a 1.7 mile walk planned then softball tonight. So I have to wait another day to try and 'capture' a another good run.

Keep Steppin'

Monday, March 2, 2009

Starting a New Month

This month I want to log about 70 miles - and also sign up for a 5k race that takes place on Memorial Day. It's another pretty big race that has a 1/2 Mary with it - so it's fun to run in. I'll talk about it more when I get closer to it.

Like I mentioned already - my vacation was great. I can't tell you home much more relaxed I am. Today was my first day back at the office and I felt pretty good. I even had enough time to take a nice walk during my lunch. Only 1.7 miles but it was good to get outside.

Tomorrow will be my first 'run' after I put the kids down so I'm looking forward to that. Maybe something small 2-4 miles only at a very easy pace.

On the social side, I spent about 1hr today talking/planning my HS 20-year reunion. I spoke with an old friend on the phone today for the first time since we left school. Since I was our school President my Senior year I was nominated to get us all together. I'll weigh in every once in a while to keep you posted on the planning progress.

Alex Chillin' in Maui

I've got a ton of new pictures that I'll be sharing - including a few from some trails that I run locally. (Got to love the new camera.)

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