Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Another PB!

Well, I'm slowly getting caught up with my news. If anyone pays attention to my sidebar I posted another 5k PB on Monday. Just days after my attempt at a PB for 5k, I come back and shatter my record by :24 seconds without even trying.

It was a late night run with cold weather, and I really wasn't trying to keep my pace up. My actual log entry pretty much says it all:

1/5/2009 8:45 PM
Course:3.1 Mile TT Narrow Canyon + O'Neil Stepback / Surry Farms / Sienna / Narrow Canyon
Distance:3.1 miles
Pace:9:48 / mile
Shoe:New Balance MR710RY (1)
Weight:210.9 lb
Quality: 8/10, Effort: 7/10
Weather:44° F, Sunny
I could have gone harder on this run - actually I held back except for the final mile. Only a few days late from my race date. Still a good run overall. Legs feel fresh and good, but strength-wise they are now holding me back on faster times. Breathing was good until about 20 mins into the run.
Calories: 494VO2 Max: 30.3

This was one of the "good runs" we all have but seem to forget it except the time that was logged. Here it is only days after this run and I'm reading my comments and I'd totally forgotten about pushing myself over the final mile. Not once was I really struggling but rather I was cruising through the run. This is just another instance for my theory on 'bad runs'.

The only other news to report right now is that I'm trying to run 20-days in a row right now. Actually I want to run everyday until my Maui vacation, but I was afraid to put it in writing on my goal section.......Today's run will make 4-in-a-row. Still a ways to go.

Keep Steppin'


Chic Runner said...

wow so many personal bests! :) I am close to ladera ranch and love the area, it's great for running! :) now up your mileage to run a 1/2!!! :)

Bob Hazen said...

I've been playing with the idea of doing a duathlon instead. Next May will be my 1/2 most likely.