Monday, January 12, 2009

It's a New Year!

So far this year has started pretty slow, but I'm slowly getting into the swing of things. It's been difficult with no races on the horizon and vacation coming up, but slowly I'm moving forward with my workouts. Only about 12 miles logged so far this month but that should start rising pretty quickly this week if everything goes to plan.

I'm shooting for about 20 miles this week (upwards to 25) with today being about 5 miles total. The weather in So Cal is beautiful today (even a hot 85) so I'm not worried about freezing my ass off tonight.

Tomorrow might be a different story though. I wanted to log about 4 miles but I need to take Alex into a specialist for his wrist that he broke last week. The swelling has gone down and he needs to get his arm in a permanent cast (rather than the sugar-spoon splint he's wearing now.) We all know that something like this SHOULD only take about 15 mins, but I'm guessing I'll be there about 3 hours.....

Back to running & racing - my next race just might not be until May. It's a while away, but my goal here is to run a sub 30 5k in a race. If the training goes well I'd actually like to cut that to a sub 28 min, but that just might be trying to do too much too fast. I'll re-evaluate this at the end of this month. So between now and then I need to come up with some sore of 'game' for myself to keep me on-track. I'm leaning towards some sore of long-run test. Maybe a 10-miler between now and May. I wouldn't be for time but rather just running the length. I have a 7 miler scheduled this Sat so a 10 miler wouldn't be out of the question and doable. Just logging the base miles needed for the 10 miler should improve my 5k times without really 'training' for the 5k.

BTW - did any of you 'other' night runners notice the moon the last couple of days? I read that Sat night the moon was the closest to the earth it will be for all of 2009. It was kind of cool running under it's light.

Keep Steppin'


SuperDave said...

I read you post back on the 5th, that was the funniest thing ever!
85 deg in Jan? dang.....
I don't see much of a problem with you breaking 30 mins. I improved by 4 minutes in a matter of months.(34:30 to 30:20) 4 months later(below28) Of course that is starting fresh running(noobie running). I'll take 15 second improvements now..

Bob Hazen said...

Yeah my times have already improved over 6 mins so I'm hoping that this trend will continue but sooner or later this trendline will level out.