Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Wife Went Running

Yesterday I got home and Beth told be she went running with the kids in tow. Abby riding her scooter (since it was MLK Day) and Cade riding in the running stroller. I was impressed. You have to understand when we first met she told me outright that she didn't like running at all.

Deep down I hope she enjoys it and continues to work on it. But if not I still love you honey!

For me yesterday was a good day. Over 7 miles logged throughout the day. Today I'm feeling it in my shins and quads. I'm planning about 3-4 miles today as a very easy pace just to get out and get some miles in. The stress level at work is the highest I've ever had (this includes being laid off in the past) so I'm hoping these runs will keep me sane.

Keep Steppin'


MJ said...

I don't know either of you (and this is one of the first posts I have read) BUT if someone gets their run in with a kid on a scooter and another in a stroller they are likely not giving it up any time soon.

That's a pretty good sign.


Katie said...

Guess running sucks everyone in at some point! :-)