Monday, January 19, 2009


The last two days I've been battling the worst case of heartburn. It started on Friday night and got worse as the weekend wore on. I've got a lot of stress carried over from work that I've bottled-up and its starting to get to me. Nothing I can't handle, but enough that it's causing a horrid case of heartburn. All I have to do is get everything settled into our new building, pass a government ISO audit, inventory and close out our year end by Jan 31th. Then I have only two weeks before my vacation! I can do this. (yogi pose; hmmmmm, hmmmm)

Needless to say I ended last week (sat) weakly and started this week bad. Still I'm planning over 20 miles this week so that should keep me sane.

Another blogger I read posted a blog today about heartburn and motivation so I challenged her for total mileage this week; she accepted. (this could be a fun week) Granted I have the nice So Cal weather, but she's prepping for a marathon. Cassandra, let's see what you got.

Keep Steppin'

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Katie said...

Ahhhh, a vacation ... keeping taking deep breaths until then! :-)