Saturday, January 23, 2010

Rain, Rain Go Away.......

Well we've seen the most rain in that past five days that I can remember since grade school.  Crazy weather, we've seen just about everything and a lot of it.  Needless to say I haven't run since Wednesday now and I feel bad about that.  I lost my 'steak' at 18 days (I tied my PB with that) and I'm now behind in my 10k training program. No harm done and I can't really complain because my right hip was flaring up a little and it was time to take a rest.  I've already set a new PB in monthly mileage and I'm feeling pretty good so hopefully I'll get out sometime today to test out my hip.

Other than that nothing else has happened - I'm waiting for some new running shoes to get shipped, once they arrive and I get a few miles covered in them I'll write a review.  Also I have another review to write about a pair that I sent back.  I should have that done by the end of the month.

Today is the day I'm supposed to run my trial 10k.  I think I'll attempt it just so I can set an actual goal time for my race, but if my hi feels bad - I'll cut this run back.

Keep Steppin'


teacherwoman said...

you still did great with that streak! weird weather all around, I guess. We got about a 1/2 inch of rain Friday night, and I know that isn't a lot, but rain in January in ND is not usually heard of.

The Boring Runner said...

Ugg, the rain was KILLER in San Jose last week. No worries on the streak running or the 10k prep. You probably needed the rest after 18 straight days!