Saturday, January 2, 2010

A New Year Dawns.....

It's hard to believe that another year has passed, I'm a year older and my family is just a little more set in our ways.  The kids are growing so fast, and I can't believe that Beth and I first started dating over 10 years ago.  Where does the time go?  Maybe it's just because it the first of the year, and my Birthday was this past week, but I can't help but look back at the past - to try to learn from it.  What did this past year teach me?  How can I learn from my mistakes to be a better person?  A better husband? A better friend?  I think we all should take time out of our busy schedules and ask these questions of ourselves every once in awhile.  What do we all see in ourselves?  Shoot - I just got done watching the old 80's flick, Pump up the Volume with Christian Slater - can you tell?  And if you haven't seen this movie please do.

On to my run today.  I had only planned a 3 miler when I stepped out the front door this morning, but after a mile I went straight instead of turning, then right, left, etc....  before I knew it I had gone almost 6 miles at a 9:44 pace.  That's pretty good for me and a pretty good start for the year considering that I ran this 3 mins slower at the start of December.  It was such a beautiful morning here in Southern California today - a perfect way to start off the new year.  I have such high hopes for my running goals this year I can hardly sit still when I start thinking about them.  Right now I'm just going to focus in on my 10k I planned in March - really I want to break 60 mins here and I think that is totaly possible.  I'll be so happy if I do that since it will be my first official 10k since High School.  Today I was almost there - with another 300 miles or so under my belt I should be able to achieve this goal.

As promised, I wanted to give an update about my Brooks (see my review)  after 512 miles the shoes are holding up great.  I paid $59.99 for them which works out to be approx $.12 per mile so I think I got my money's worth out of them.  The outer edges are starting to wear a little but that's only because that's where my foot strikes hit first.  Beyond that I haven't noticed any other wear in the shoes and I think I can get another 100-200 miles out of them before I really have to shelve them.  I do have a gripe though, the place I purchased them through is no longer carrying the Brooks line.  Hmmm I wonder why?

Finally, as always I'd like to welcome my newest follower - runningBarefoot.  She has a good read over there even if I don't condone barefoot running, but to each their own.  If I have forgotten any other new followers I'm truely sorry, but please feel welcome!  I very much enjoy your feedback, and/or comments so don't be shy.  I'll try to make this as interesting as possible.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask them I'll most likely write about it (and my thoughts) if you want.

Keep Steppin'


Jill said...

I think I blinked and my kids suddenly were little just floors me when I think about it. You're off to a great start for the year; gotta love when jan 1ends and there's not a zero for your mileage :). A very Happy 2010 to you!

Lauren Wang said...

0.12 per mile... great investment :)

B.o.B. said...

Bob - I think we must have been watching that movie at the same time. I love it! I had the biggest crush on Christian Slater. Great flick indeed!

Thanks so much for the input. I am glad to know you tried all the other logging sites out for me. LOL!

Great investment on the shoes for real! Happy New Year.

The Boring Runner said...

WHOA! 500+ miles!? I go much over 400 and I get pains in my feet. Obvs I'm a LOT less hard core than you

chris mcpeake said...

great running. good luck in the new year