Thursday, January 7, 2010

I Did 26+ Miles - Cycling

The title says it all - yesterday was a very nice day.  I got out and walked a few times and also found myself without any kids so I got the bike down and went for a ride.  Just a little over 26 miles logged and I feel pretty good.  My quads are a little tired but nothing too bad, and my lower bad feels good also.  I'm a little surprised at how well my body has handled the increase in mileage so far this week.

The couse in itself wasn't too difficult, but I just wanted something fun. I wanted t go out and just enjoy myself on my bike. That I did - but now my rear end is just a little sore :).  But the best part is, I finally got my bike out of the rafters, and rode it for the first time in about three months.  I really need to incorporate riding into my workouts more.  I can really tell that it would help my overall fitness, and it keeps my workouts interesting...

This morning my body feels pretty good, I didn't take the girls to school (I had an interview instead) but I do plan on picking them up and doing an easy 3 miler with Bogey later this evening.  So far for the month I've logged 60+ miles and I can envision myself doing over 200 miles if I get another bike ride in later in the month.

Other than the ride, I did get in a few walks, to and from school, dropping off and picking up the girls.  But by about 7 pm I was shot and was asleep within a few hours of that.

So far this month I haven't missed a day, and I'mgoing to see if I can keep this going thoughout the month.  I've always liked streaks and maybe I can get a good one going here with all the nice weather we're having. 

Finally welcome to my 'new' readers.  Please take some time to read their stuff - very helpful, inciteful, and entertaining.  Hopefully my readership continues to grow as I because faster and stronger.

Keep Steppin'

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The Boring Runner said...

We need to keep each other honest about the bike riding. I seem to be too lax on it lately - and this is the PERFECT weather for it!