Wednesday, January 13, 2010

13 Days and Counting.....

My streak is now 13 days, not exactly how I planned but still it's a solid streak.  Yesterday I wanted to get in a solid 7 miles for the day but I went and put Cade down to bed and fell asleep until 10:00 pm.  If Beth hadn't woken me up I most likely would have slept right on through the night.  I'm not too upset, I really wasn't feeling very well and this gave me a chance to get a little rest and I had already logged 2+ miles for the day so all wasn't lost.

Today I had my 27 mile cycling route planned but what I didn't count on is having rain the first thing this morning.  With the temps down in the low 50's and rain I decided to forego the ride and I went for a run instead.  The plan was to sneek in a 4 miler that I didn't get to do the night before so I was eyeballing the cloud cover as I worked from my desk.  Around 10:00 am I decided that the weather wasn't going to break and I could venture out in the drizzle.  Now being from So Cal I don't have any wet weather gear so I pulled on my regular clothes and added my sleeves and by the time I was finished I was drenched. 

The run itself was interesting, like I mentioned, I was going 4 miles and I wanted to finish in just under 40 mins, what I thought was 4 miles turned out to be 4.25 miles and I completed it in 41:15  (9:43 pace - right where I wanted to be).  I struggled throughout the whole course, first I didn't feel loose then my left arch was cramping and finally my knees were sore.  I kept looking at my watch (which was completely drenched) where I thought the mile markers were and I kept getting upset since I was dropping further and further behind my planned pace.  When I finished, and as soon as I stopped my watch something funnny happened, all of the sudden I felt good.  Now normally I go about a mile (or under) as a cool down, but today after walking about 400 meters I started up again and did another 2.3 miles in the rain.  I tell you, I've been running for over 30 years on and off and I've never felt this way before, these additional 2+ miles I was grinning ear-to-ear and I'm sure the people passing me going the other direction must have thought I was out of my mind, but I was having so much fun rain and all.  My pace over the last two miles was 10:22 per mile that included walking the 400 meters.

Today I feel much better, my headache is managable once again, and my upset stomach is gone so I must have just been having a bad day yesterday.  As I write this it's now sunny, the clouds broke about an hour ago and I can't believe that it was raining at all this morning.  Still I wouldn't do it anyother way.  Today's run I will remember for some time to come.

Last night I did finally pay for my 10k race in March so I'm committed.  (Or a least have a $30 investment on the line)  I'm going to refrain on setting a new time goal until I run my 'mock' race on the 23rd of this month.

One final note, I hit 96.9 miles for the month already and I'm on pace to do 130 miles for the month, and this is without the planned cycling ride I had planned for this morning.  130 miles will be a record for me so I'll have to watch how I'm feeling since I don't want to get hurt.

My graph

Keep Steppin'


teacherwoman said...

Okay, so new to your blog! BTW, thanks for the comment on my blog!

Are you streaking? just running? or workouts in general?

Nice work, btw.

Unknown said...

Wow, I can't believe how your activity levels changed last year and what happened in the summer, did you take it easy on the beach with your kids?
Great job on your running pace! I loved the comment about smiling ear to ear...I always think people think I'm crazy too, sometimes you can't help but smile!

Running Through Life said...

I am a new follower as well.

There is nothing better than a nice run in the rain. It can be very refreshing.

I am impressed by th level of detailed breakdown you have in your graph. Very cool way to see day to day training.

Unknown said...

I need to get one of those graphs. It is awesome! Although mine wouldn't be too exciting right now.

Congrats on your streak!

The Boring Runner said...

Yeah, the weather has been super crappy. Glad to hear that you were able to push through.