Sunday, January 3, 2010

5 Miler Today

Today marked the last day of Christmas vacation for the kids - they went out in style.  Abby went to the movies with Beth, Cade had a Birthday party to go to, and I got in 9 holes early this morning and a 5 mile run in tonight.

For golf , I played again with my Father-in-law along with my Brother-in-law.  I was 8 over after nine but I was 5 over on just two holes (small implosion).  My back felt really good afterwards with I was suprised, usually I'll have a pretty sore lower back after a round and that didn't happen today.

Tonight with clear crisp skies, Bogey and I made it out for a run.  I was going to keep it really short (2.3 miles) but once again I turned a different direction and before I knew it I had gone almost 5 miles with my cool down.  My pace was slightly slower than yesterday's (9:55 pace vrs a 9:49 pace) which I wanted so I'm pleased with the run and my effort.  I feel really strong right now and I plan on logging runs for the rest of the week.  We'll see how I feel on Friday :).

The night sky was beautiful today - clear and very bright as I watched the moon rise over the ridge to the east.  I love night like this, it's almost a religious expirence.

Keep Steppin'

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The Boring Runner said...

MAN. I really wish I could golf that well. I think that I've said before that golf is normally a drinking 'sport' for me.