Friday, October 31, 2008


Well tonight is Halloween - growing up I was always grounded by my parents on this night, so it really doesn't hold anything special for me in memories. Don't get me wrong, there are a few memories that are good on this night, but overall I spent most nights in my room paying for something stupid that I did. Tonight we're having some family and friends over so the kids can trick-or-treat together with parent supervision. We make chili, drink a few beers and just generally 'kick' back as the kids go crazy. Alex is coming over tonight also, and he keeps asking me what we are doing - I completely forgot it was Halloween when I spoke with him. "Oh nothing, we're just going to hang out at home." Was my response. Anyway he's in trouble with his mom - he had an MySpace page without her knowledge and then he lied to her about it. (Yeah he's grounded - kind of ironic isn't it?)

Now to my running; it's going really well - I've logged 60 miles this month for a PB, I'm now on a 12-day consecutive running streak which is also a PB. I'm averaging low 10 min miles for the month, which is :38 seconds per mile faster than my September average. Body is feeling pretty good, not too tired or sore, so I imagine that I can continue on with my training at this pace for the next few weeks - then I'll have to 'tweak' some runs to get ready for Thanksgiving. I'm hoping to put in about 7 more miles this week before Sunday - I'm just not sure when that's going to happen. I'm hoping for some time tonight, but it's going to be tight (time wise).

On the weight front - I weighed in at 210.8 last night (not too bad; 5 lbs down 10 to go before Thanksgiving) The 180 lb weight is going to be a stretch though. I'm thinking 190-185 is more realistic for my frame. Plus Beth always tells me that she doesn't want me too skinny. :) (yeah that sounds like an excuse.) I'll keep everyone posted on my progress (or failure).

Finally as I've mentioned before I love my iPod during my nightly runs - last night I actually listened Mariah Carey's Bye Bye. Now I really hate her and her music, but Beth LOVES this song so I figured I'd listen to the words..... Beth (because I KNOW you are reading,) I get it now. I love you.

Keep Steppin'

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