Friday, October 17, 2008

Log entry 10/16/08

I got out twice yesterday - once for a walk during lunch, then for a quick two miler at night.

Miles: 1.56
Time: 12:30
Avg Pace: 19:39
Total time: 30:40

Beautiful day too bad I had to work. This would have been a nice day to call in sick and go for an extended ride. I need to get the bike out and put some mile in on it.

Miles: 2.0
Time: 8:45
Avg Pace: 9:52
Total Time: 19:45

A couple of things happened on this run:
1. Legs felt really heavy over the first half mile then didn't bother me at all afterwards - this has never happened to me before in 30+ years of running.
2. I ran a sub 9 min mile over the first mile. This hasn't happened over multiple mile runs in quite a long time. It was nice seeing that when I looked down.
3. I ran a sub 20 mile 2 mile run. Once again this hasn't happened in quite a while.
4. Even though I struggled breathing due to my total lack of conditioning, I was able to move more fluidly during the run.

Keep Steppin'

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