Thursday, October 16, 2008

My City

I've lived in Southern California almost my whole life. Born and raised in South Laguna had it's privileges - growing up I was able to travel, went to private schools, and enjoyed having a car at a very early age (That I didn't have to pay for). Yeah I know I was very spoiled but I didn't even know it. In fact, even now I'm still spoiled, and somehow my wife and I rubbed our dimes together and took advantage of the housing market downturn recently and purchased a actual house.

Now my family lives in Ladera Ranch California the community smashed in between the city for the TV shows "Real Housewives of Orange County" and "Laguna Beach", these rolling hills were a 'playground' for me and my friends growing up - I can still remember the small pond very close to where my new home sits, its where my friends and I used to play with the tadpoles and frogs. The pond has long since disappeared, and the rolling hills have either been plowed or groomed, but some of the trails like the I have pictured still remain and criss-cross the community.

Now normally I don't trail run these days for several reasons:

1. Allergies, Allergies, and Allergies

2. My ankles are really weak from playing soccer for so many years - I can't tell you how many times I've sprained them.

3. The trails here on the rolling coastal hills are a pain in the ass. Forget about any timed runs here - concentrate on just surviving unless your an elite running (or just crazy)

4. In the summer the heat on these trails are a bitch - even though you can see the ocean from a lot of the local trails, it gets hot (ok not Texas hot, or even Navada hot), but as you can see, there is no shade and these days I sweat like a pig when I run.

I personally like running on the streets and pathways now, and that was one huge reason why I chose Ladera - they were well know in my parts for putting together a master community that revolved around the family. My particular neighborhood was built at the 'green' neighborhood that includes solar panels, electric hookups for cars, walking paths tot he parks, stores, school and other centers most of these paths don't even cross a street and if they do it a 2-lane road.

The next couple of posts I'll try to include pictures of my actual runs - and thoughts.

Keep Steppin'



Marco Fanelli said...

I too like running on the roads better, but I'm hoping that will change if I can build up better ankle strength and coordination. All it takes is one misstep on a trail, and snap, your whole day is ruined!

Good luck with the running!

Bob Hazen said...

Thanks for reading! My ankles have given me problems ever since I was little so I'm careful about where I step. Still it would be nice to run more trails in the future.