Monday, June 28, 2010

I'm a Quiet Runner

I was thinking during my run this evening - I'm basically a very quiet runner who has a blog.  I usually run by myself, and even though I nod at other runners on my route, I usually don't strike up a conversation with my fellow runners.  I'm not rude or anything, I just tend to use my running time for quiet introspect rather than a social outing.

Now there has been times where I've started a conversation with other runners in corrals, on the path, etc.  And as I look back, I've enjoyed these conversations for the insights I get from other runners.  I think that is why I enjoy reading blogs so much.  Just knowing there are other people out there running, and struggling over a three miler helps keep my training on track.

Today's run was on a difficult course, I took it easy but effort-wise I felt like I should have clocked a faster time (32:21)  Yesterday I took the day off killing my streak - really thee wasn't a reason for the day off, it just turned out that way.  Six day and counting until my race.

Keep Steppin'


The Boring Runner said...

Nothing wrong with being a little quiet. In spite of my blog persona, I'm actually pretty quiet too while running. I've got to be having a GREAT time or a really crappy time to strike up any time of convo.

Keep stepping indeed.

Running Through Phoenix said...

I rarely 'converse' with others while running unless it is planned as a group run. I do, however, tend to shout things during marathons to try to make the field laugh (and maybe fall down and let me win).

Kevin said...

I love to talk to people on the run. It helps he get through the hard parts of a run. I also have gotten to know some good friends in the process.

Normally I train by myself though.


RunCoah Jen said...

I am a type of runner where loves conversation sometimes.. Listening to my ipod while running also helps me motivate more... :)