Monday, June 7, 2010

3.1 Miles Today

I snuck in 3.1 miles this afternoon so today wasn't a complete loss.  I ran my Mission Viejo lake course which is fairly difficult with hills:

There's almost 900 ft in elevation change on this course so I'm pleased with my 31:43 time (9:57 pace).  Considerating my first two mile splits were at a 9:44 pace, I feel pretty good.  Conditioning is way off and I'm fighting pretty much over the whole distance, but I can tell I'm getting better again.

This morning I had planned to get up at 6 am to sneek in a 2.3 mile run, but I failed getting out of bed.  I did get up 6:30 so I got into work earlier - but still I failed in my morning plan.  Tomorrow I want to get out the door for 2.3 miles at 5:45 am.  We'll see......

Physically I feel good - legs are tired and sore and I'm really tired - I'd be asleep now but I've been spending this evening playing with my new iphone.  Before I knew it, it was 11 pm.

Keep Steppin'

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