Sunday, June 27, 2010

Damm Computer - Running is Getting Done

I haven't been posting that much because my computer is acting up again - I've lost my drivers for sound and I can't download any pictures - I'm going to have to do a complete overhaul on it but really don't want to take the time or spend the money on it right now - so I've just left the computer sitting on my desk running at about 60%. 

Other than not being able to post pictures to my blog, I have been running quite a bit.  I'm currently at 120 miles for the month and on-pace to finish this month at about 140 miles.  My 5k race (the first race this year)) is in a week, and I'm starting to look forward to racing again.  I don't have very high goals for this race other than to just enjoy myself.  Cycling on my off days is really helping me get my conditioning back quick - I feel pretty good running after a cycling day.  I'm currently on a 11-day streak right now, and I feel pretty strong so I'm pleased with my progress this month.

Goal wise for my race next week, I've been kind of wishy-washy on.  I'm really not too sure what to set for myself.  I've thought about it quite a bit because I hate going into a race without any specific targets.  So this morning I decided to take a look at some of my past 5k training runs:

6.26.2010 Run 3.1 Mile - Tempo 3.1 Mi - 28:59 / 9:21
6.24.2010 Run 3.1 Mile - Easy 3.1 Mi - 31:11 / 10:04
6.21.2010 Run 3.1 Mile -  Easy 3.1 Mi - 30:30 / 9:51
6.7.2010 Run 3.19 Mile  -  Easy 3.19 Mi - 31:43 / 9:57
4.25.2010 Run 3.1 Mile  -  Easy 3.1 Mi - 29:29 / 9:31
4.7.2010 Run 3.1 Mile  -  Easy 3.1 Mi - 29:20 / 9:28

Looking at this I think I can set up the following:

Goal A : Run a sub 28:30 min
Goal B : Run a sub 29 min
Goal C : Run a sub 30 min

Last July 4th I ran this in 28:27 with some solid 80 mile months going into the race - this year I took off April and May basically but I did have a great June so I'm guessing I could have about the same results.  BTW my PB for this distance?  I ran on 12/30/09 - 28:04..... on this exact course by myself.

Keep Steppin'

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robison52 said...

My computer also doesn't have any sound...yesterday I read it could be the way to find out is by using earphones and plugging them into the computer's earphone jack. Discovered that I can hear the sound on the computer, but does have a echo tone. Thankfully, I don't need new driver nor sound cards, just have to get new speakers.

Good luck in your upcoming 5k'll be faster than you think due to race day adrenaline!