Thursday, February 11, 2010

I Love Having Free Time!

Well today I had an early AM interview.  This is the second with this company so I'm hopeful I'll get an offer from them early next week.  They pulled in the Big Guns this morning and I was in front of  9 person panel.  Shoot it's a small manufacturing company, I think that was their whole staff.  I'm not sure of this but it had to have been close.

Anyway, I was done within the hour and since Maas was watching the little tyke, and Abby was still in school I had the morning/early afternoon to myself.  The rain left on Tuesday so the weather was back to our normal Feburary weather; sunny, windy, and just a little chilly.  I came home, changed, grabbed Bogey and we headed down to our local harbor area.  The plan was to get some longer slow miles in just because I had the time.  7.5 miles later I dragged Bogey back to he car - he was spent.  If fact he's laying at my feet outside in the sun right now a I type this - dead alseep.  In all fairness I think that was the furthest he's gone at one time so far.  He held his own, but I'm thinking he'll sleep pretty good this afternoon.

I thought about bringing the camera for this run, but I really didn't want to hassle with it today - so I enjoyed the ocean air, sun and other people.  Very easily I clicked off 10 min miles without any effort.  My overall pace was 10:04 per mile and I'm a little suprised how easily that came.  Shoot I stopped for a potty brake around mile 3 and at mile 4 I was stopped for about a min waiting for a light.  So I could have easily dropped this into the 9:40 pace range if I really wanted to - but I'm fine with the effort today.  The water was a nice light green, and there were some small white caps from the breeze, just beautiful.  At one point I was running along Capo Beach (just south of the harbor) and some guy was feeding the seaguls from his upstretched hand.  There must have been over a thousand birds hovering about an arms length from this guy.  I wished I had the camera at that point, just so I could have shared the picture with my readers - maybe I'll try to recreate some day.

Once I finished I was famished - and locally here is a great lunch shop for sandwiches - Cultured Kitchen in San Clemente.  I've been going here since High School and I had the craving - after a quick jump in the car I arrive and find out they don't take Amex. - damm, that's all I carry these days.  So I setteled for Baja Surf Taco's instead.  I scarfed down my meal within seconds - I don't know if I even chewed.

P90x is stll going - and Beth and I are doing well with it.  We're on week 2 day 3 now and I'm completing more and more reps (correctly I might add).  We're having a little problem getting the time we need to do the whole hour to hour and a half workouts.  So sometimes we have to split up the workouts between the kids baths, nighttime, and early mornings.  Still we're getting the workouts in and it's not affecting my running workouts too much.  I still think I'm benefitting more doing the program than just running more.  Today was Arms and Back with Ab's, and even with this workout this morning I was able to do the 10:04 pace just a few hours later.  I have dropped my normal lifting routine for the time being - maybe Ill be able to pick this back up in a few weeks once my body gets a little stronger.

I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but I also play softball - I've taken about 6 months off recently, but tonight is our first game of the Spring schedule.  I play second base and its fun just getting out and playing with the guys.  We have a good group of guys and we've been playing together for about 10 years now so it's always nice seeing them after an extended period.  We should have fn tonight - hopefully we're back down in the "D" league....... 

The rest of my running schedule is week is looking fairly easy.  3-4 miles tomorrow, and then 2 easy miles on Saturdy before I take on Becca's Virtual 10k Challange.  Right now my PB stands at 1:01:33 that I did back on Jan 23rd, I think I'm going to shoot for something right around that time.  I'm not looking to break the 60 min barrier on this run, but I just might happen if I'm feeling good.  It mostly likely will be decided while Im out on the course.  These miles should put me right around 35 miles for the week, a nice solid week of running and workouts.  Only 38 dys left before my 10k Newport Beach race - I think I'll be ready.

Keep Steppin'


Running Through Phoenix said...

Ahhh the beach life. I'm jealous Bob. I'm planning to run in the RnR San Deigo in june then a couple of weeks up in Pismo --our regular summer getaway. Sure would be nice to just jump down to the beach for a run everyday. Take it easy!

Unknown said...

I hope you get the job! Do you ever go to the sandwhich place near Carl's Jr. in San Clemente? We love eating there on our way through town.
My husband has a job interview tomorrow in San Diego...I'm hoping for the best!
Happy running this weekend, I heard the weather will be great!

Bob Hazen said...

Is that on the very South end of San Clemente? My 'home' golf course is right there San Clemente Muni - I usually eat at Odell's or at Senior Pedros (rolled taco's and combo buritto.)

Tell you husband good luck with the interview - I can't tell you how many I've had in the last few weeks - I'm guessing that's a good sign even if starting salaries are about 5%-10% lower than two years ago.

Jeff - Does the water get warm at Pismo or is it wetsuit temp? Growing up friends of mine would always complain of the water temp when they took surfing trips there. Where do you stay? I wanted to take the family up to Hurst Castle this summer and thought it would be nice to stay at Pismo or Solvang.

The Boring Runner said...

Wow, 9 person panel? That is crazy. Hopefully you get it.

Lisa said...

Congrats on the interview and the post-interview run! Great to hear how P90X is going. I watched the infomercial over the weekend and am definitely intrigued.

Have a great weekend!