Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hitting the Pavement

Well I made it out he door today for a run - not a very far run nor a very fast run, but I did make it out the front door and I'll take that as a win.  The run itself wasn't very good - my conditioning has suffered and I wasn't used to running in the warmer weather (almost 80 degrees today).  Needless to say I went out a little too fast and crashed over the final mile.  Still I was able to put in a 30:07 time over a 5k so I'm pleased that I got out the door.

Abby is still not feeling well so she missed her second day of school this week - hopefully tomorrow she'll feel better.  She looks much better today so I'm 99% sure she'll get back to class :)  Both Beth and I have been struggling with headaches and low energy.  I'm thinking we're spreading ourselves a little thin.  Beth is getting really close to taking her test and as the study time picks up, the more tired she gets.  Right now I think she's dead asleep with Cade in his bed - I'm tempted to let her sleep tonight instead of us getting our P90x workout in.....  I'll play it by ear.

Tomorrow I'm going to get in a few more miles - I'm tempted on ditching the 10k plan and just go back to 'feel' - "Why?" You ask, well at this time the plan itself is putting a little too much pressure on me to get the runs in.  I think I'm going to go back to running by feel - getting out the door and changing a 3 miler into a 5 miler.  I'm ready for my 10k race coming up in 31 days so I'm not worried there but what I'm worried about is stressing out and not getting in a run because I don't want to go 5 miles instead of 4.

The other thing is I've been running too many fast miles with Alex - I've crushed too many PB's in the last few weeks and I think it's put a little strain on my body, so I'm going to step back a little on thse run with him.  Shoot he's running over 60 miles per week right not so a couple of slower miles with his old man isn't going to hurt him.  BTW he just ran a 5:10 mile the other day.

Keep Steppin'


Running Through Life said...

It is important to listen to your body and relax a bit. It sounds as if you and your wife could use a day off.

Try and take it easy and you will be feeling better in non time!

Anonymous said...

Good plan - running is supposed to releive stress; not cause it.

Jill said...

80 degrees - sweet!! It's snowing in Denver as I sit here and type this (sigh). I have a daugher, Abbey (with an e),too :). Glad you're feeling slightly better and getting back out there. I've been sick for like 2 weeks now and wonder if I will ever run normal again. Haha. Hang in there!

The Boring Runner said...

Yeah, sounds like it is time to take a breather. It sounds like it is time to take a stepback week at a min. But, I'm a planner so I always like to have a plan. *shrugs*

Wowza, 5:10 mile would be AMAZING. That is one of my goals for this year - run a timed mile all out.... but I will get no where near 5:10

Anne said...

A 5:10 mile is AMAZING!!!

I agree with your instinct...a few easy days can only do your body good :)