Saturday, April 11, 2009

More PB's Fall.......

I really can't believe how this week is going - I've posted another two PB's since my last post. Four mile PB is now 42:47 and my consecutive day streak is now 15 days. Now really my PB on the four miler is kind of a default because I've only run the distance one before and didn't really run it very well. And even this time my legs were pretty much shot.

The consecutive days streak is nice though - I'm shooting for 20 days straight so I feel good about this one so far. Looking how everything is coming together over the past few weeks - I'm definitely on a peak regarding to my training. Hopefully I can keep this going and not regress too much before my 5k race on Memorial Day.

I don't think I mentioned this before (if I have forgive me.) But this course goes right past my deceased Grandparents house. They both past away over 10 years ago, but I do have fond memories when I see their old place. The old house is located in a gate guarded 50+ retirement community and this is about the only time they open the gates for the "younger crowd." It's a cool event because they also run a half mary here so the community gets out and plays music, cow bells, and their lawn chairs. It's all community driven - the bands are all 50+ citizens, food and drink are sponsored by the community, etc....

Bogey is doing well potty training and leash training so far. He's growing like a weed and I'm getting in about a mile a day with him so far. On the leash he's still a little confused but overall he's doing very well. He's learning how to sit and laydown on command right now and has taken to the kids really well.

On a final note, tomorrow (Easter) will be my attempt at yet another PB, my 7 mile run. With a mile warmup and cool down I'll be putting in about 9 miles tomorrow - I should be able to handle it but it just seems a little overwhelming thinking about it.

Abby and Her cousin - Easter 2006.

Happy Easter Everyone.
Keep Steppin'
PS Shoe review to be written next week!

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The Boring Runner said...

I way late on blogs, but I hope that your 7 miler went well!! (of course, you could have already posted about it)...

Nice work on the 15 day streak.