Tuesday, April 7, 2009

10 Days and Counting + A Lazy Day

Well I'm deep into a consecutive day streak now - 10 days and going strong. Yesterday I only did 2.7 miles though. Instead I played about an hour of B-ball with Alex. Damm he's good - I'm just not fast enough on my feet as I used to be...... Still it was a good workout.

I just found out that the whole factory is taking this Friday off, it was supposed to be a half day so I'll have to use a few hours of sick pay, but that also means I'll be able to put in a long run on Friday. Originally I had planned for a long run on Easter (7 miles) but I just may attempt this PB in distance this Friday.

Currently I'm on pace for 85 miles this month, so once again I'm off to a good start. My average pace is off quite a bit though - but I'm not worried about that because I'd rather get more constant in my month mileage than average pace. I figure pace will come down over time.

This week I hope to log about 30-35 miles if everything goes according to plan - that means I'll extend my current consecutive days streak to 15 by this Saturday. That would be a PB also. Today my legs are a little sore and tired - but not too bad considering how I've upped my mileage over the past two months.

I have about 25 miles run on my new Brooks GTS 8's so far. I want to have about 50 miles done before I write a fair review on them - so hopefully sometime next week I'll post what I think.

Also I'll be treating my 7 miler on Friday like a race and include a full race report for you guys - hopefully it will be an interesting read for you all.

Finally - in regards to my cycling neighbor...... I still owe you guys the 'full story' but I haven't gotten it yet. (Actually I'm kind of afraid to ask.) But I'll make a few inquiries on the block this weekend.......

Keep Steppin'


Chic Runner said...

85 for the month is a great number! :) keep up the good work!

Unknown said...

Sounds like you are doing great with your running. One of the things I found with staying healthy as I increase mileage is to reduce my mileage every 4th week by about 25%. It's amazing how doing that really supercharges your energy for the next couple of weeks.

The Boring Runner said...

That is really annoying about the day off.

Although, if it is anything like my buddies who work on lines, the day off is to avoid some sort of OTHER type of off (layoff).

Being in consulting, I get 8 hours a year to book in cases like that - but I know a lot of people who are having to use their vacation to compensate.

Good luck on the 7 miles!!

Lily on the Road said...

Lazy days are GREAT!

Oh and a story ... inquiring minds want to know!

SuperDave said...

Good to see you logging those miles up there again. 85 miles is alot of miles.
As long as those legs are feeling good keep it going.