Monday, April 6, 2009

Mile PB (and a few other things...)

This weekend was pretty good for me. Saturday I did go into work for a few hours to get caught up on some paperwork, but other than that it was good. Late Saturday afternoon I went out for a walk with Bogey and then decided to put in a quick mile by myself. 8:44 later I had a PB by :08 seconds. Really I didn't try that hard to set a PB - I didn't give any prior thought in attempting this other than I felt good and lets 'put the pedal down' today. Looking back in my log; my old PB of 8:52 I set on this course in August of last year so I was happy to see that disappear off my sidebar here. (Progress is always good).

Beyond that - since taking that week off in March I'm now working on a 10-day running streak. 20 miles in the past 7-days and 88 miles in the last 30-days. I'm on a roll right now, with little (if no) discomfort in my body. If fact yesterday's mileage of 4-miles (total) was the first time I've struggled in a run recently. With with my lower legs wanting to shut down - I was still able to complete my run in decent time using a decent effort, so I'm very pleased with my results and overall improvement.

Along with yesterday's PB; that makes four new PB's in the past 30 days. It's obvious that I'm hitting a peak in my training right now, so I'll have to remember this when I start coming off of this high. Keeping that in mind I thought it was a good time to start planning my next 'phase' of training. Since July of last year - I've basically been working on getting my base mileage up to about 20-25 miles per week and in a few months, (If I'm constant) I'll be able to say I've reached that goal and have would have held this mileage for approx 10-weeks. Armed with this information, I've decided to launch myself into a 12-week 10k program that will end right before the 4th of July. During that program I'll race twice: Memorial Day (5k) and 4th of July (10k). My goal for the 5k will be to run a sub 30 min race, and for the 10k - since it will be my first? Just having fun. I'm sure I'll set a goal time here, (1:04:11 is my PB right now) but that's still a ways off. Beyond this, I'm tossing around the idea of a half next year for Memorial Day - but I'm hoping to throw in a few other races before the end of the year first.

Oh - I almost forgot: I try to welcome all of my stalkers - I mean "Followers" here. Thank you for signing up and actually reading this stuff. I try to keep it interesting and I do welcome your comments (I read them all ;) )

Keep Steppin'


Kelly said...

Nice job on the PB. Doesn't that feel good?

Unknown said...

Wow! You really are on a roll. Great job. I think your running and racing plans are really good.

The Boring Runner said...

Having a single digit mile pace for a 5K is a GREAT goal. It is a great accomplishment.

If you can run a mile in 8:44, I totally think that you could probably do it now!