Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Another Month Completed

I'm still working on my teasers that I listed the other day but I wanted to go over my month end numbers because I was so close but yet so far in some areas....

Last month I ran 89.8 miles. Yeah 89.8. What the hell is that? How could I not realize that I was so close to 90 miles and not go over it? Shoot 91.8 miles is my monthly PB - how did I not even stretch for that?

Oh Yeah - for some reason I decided to not run last week. Could that be why I didn't hit these numbers?

Still overall I'm not displeased with my effort during the month. Last year I only logged 30 miles for the month so I'm way ahead of last year's effort, and I feel really good physically compared to last year. My average pace was 11:23/mi so I'm slowly creeping that downwards also but still I'm at a comfortable pace for me. (That's down from the 12:08 I did last November.)

Looking ahead - I can see myself breaking the 100 mile barrier in the next few months pretty easily. Once I get there I plan to hold that mileage for about three months before I start any type of speedwork. I figure if I can do this the clock stuff will take care of itself (for this year at least.)

Even with the small disappointment with the monthly mileage, I still had three PB's this month. I ran my first 4-mile distance in 47:28 (11:40 training pace), I rode 21.6 miles this month and I set a new PB for the 2-mile distance: 19:02! So I can't hang my head.

Keep Steppin'

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The Boring Runner said...

WOW. You did that many miles while still taking a week off? That is really good.

100+ mile month is totally within reach.