Monday, March 9, 2009

Another New Week

Last week went pretty well - I missed out on my run Saturday. But other than that it was a good week. I would have like to but in more miles under my belt (15.7) so I'm going to work on that this week.

Sunday Beth talked me into going to see the doctor. I've have had heartburn and anxiety since before Christmas. The vacation helped, but the first week back in the office both symptoms returned. I got a good doctor - she prescribed more running, and a blood test. So that helped my anxiety levels almost right off. At least I didn't feel like an idiot. The blood test(s) are just some basic screens; I don't expect to see anything abnormal in them.

Sunday afternoon following the doctor's orders - I stepped out and ran a 10k. I finished in 1:04:11 which was a PB for me. I felt pretty good and relaxed throughout the run. Today my legs are just a tiny bit sore though. Considering I normally don't do that kind of distance I was pleased with my effort and results. Hopefully I can find this kind of time to run this more often without Beth killing me.

Plan this week is to get in about 22-23 miles +softball. I'm putting it down for my readers so I can be held accountable.

Keep Steppin'

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The Boring Runner said...

Now there is a doctor I can get behind! More running?? Sounds like a great prescription to me!