Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Another Good Run

Last night I had another good run, I had scheduled myself just under 3 miles plus a mile warm up and a mile cool down. (5 miles total). Like last week, once I got out the door, I just started running a made-up route - not because I felt good like last week, but because I was struggling early and wanted to see if I could push myself through the difficult part.

Right out the door my left calf started complaining but overall I was doing OK so I continued to push through my 'difficulty'. I'm sure I'm not alone on this, but when my lower legs aren't warmed up enough or are just tired I experience cramping in my arches. Nothing too dangerous to run with as long as I keep the intensity level down. Well yesterday I pushed myself when the cramping started and slowly I inched my way through the first 3 miles. After that I felt pretty good and running under a full moon was a nice calm feeling.

The moon in fact was so bright, it didn't let any but the largest stars show. Another thing I noticed last night that even though I got started later than normal, there were quite a few people out walking their dogs. (Just wondering why.)

I spoke with my friend Eddie - we're going to do two miles after work today down in Carlsbad. He hasn't run lately so it will be good for him. I'll just enjoy the company.

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The Boring Runner said...

I love night running. Much better than early morning running for some reason.

Although, I will admit that I don't like taking two showers a day. I take far too long of a shower to begin with, so killing 45 min a day soaking up steam seems like overkill!