Monday, March 1, 2010

Month End / Another New PB

My, has the time flown by this past week.  Everything is going well, P90x is coming along, and my running workouts are getting better and better.  Last week I logged 36.3 miles and I'm feeling good about the quality of my workouts.  This morning I'm a little sore, but I'll get into that a little later.  I'm looking back and I relly can't believe that a week has past since I last posted something, I'm really going to try to post more often because I go a week and I have WAY too much to share/write about that I can't get in all in a single post.

Wednesday and Thursday of last week were uneventful, I got my workouts in: nice and slow.  Other than that not much happened.  Thursday night is my softball night and I played ok, not great, but I was pleased with my effort.  My range at second base is getting a little better and I feel lighter on my feet.  I got to a couple balls that last year I wouldn't even had a chance at.

Friday was mellow also.  I picked up Alex at his mother's and he spent the weekend.  Late Friday night Beth and I went out and met up with some of Beth's friends for a night out on the town (It ws Beth's friend's birthday party.)  We spent the evening having ddrinks in Laguna Beach and didn't makeit home until after 1 am.  Needless to say the next day we were dragging.  I was by far the oldest in the group and Beth and I were the only ones to have kids - let alone a 15 year old son.  It made me feel a little worn down :)

Saturday the weather was ADD.  First it was pouring, then sunny, then rain, then windy, etc.....  Alex and I snuck out of the house around 3:00 pm to get in a easy run (10:00 min pace).  Alex has been battling an intestinal 'issue' over the past few days so I left him around the 2.5 mile mark to let him walk the short way home as I added more distance to cover a 10k.  I finished the 10k in 1:02:04 that included a long traffic light and some walking with Alex before we split up.  During the run the sun was out, I got drenched, and then I had water misting off of me when I finished.  Directly after the 10k I went out again with Bogey for a easy 1 mile run just to keep loose.

P90x is coming along well Beth and I are now on week 4 day 2 (today).  This it the week we mix workouts up.  So we're learing new moves and last night's workout really did a number on me.  I'm sore from my lower chest to my toes, and I didn't even get a really good workout in because I was watching a lot to learn the different moves.  Next time I'm sure I'll be dead.  Tonight is Kempo which we've already done so I'm going to use tonight's workout as a recovery workout.

Yesterday's run was epic.  I did the exact same course as Saturday (10k) at a tempo pace just to see what I could do since I'm within 30 days of my race.  At this point I hadn't done my P90x workout, and I was feeling pretty good.  Mile 1 went by in 9:40 which is basically all uphill so I was suprised since effort wise it felt pretty easy.  Mile 2 included a min stop at a major intersection and I still clocked a 10:15 mile so I knew I was doing well.  After that I didn't look at my watch until I was about 1.3 miles from the finish.  Surprisingly my watch read 45:00 even when I glanced at it.  Right then I knew I was going to destroy my PB at this distance - and I really have to give props to the P90x program again.  All the core work and lateral movements are really helping me to keep my form during my 'longer' runs.  Since I'm keeping my form, I'm faster and able to recover quicker.  Therefore I'm logging longer more frequent runs that are beginning to come at quicker paces as I get even stronger.  I have a long way to go, but I'mreally seeing the progress so far this year.  Anyway I finished the 10k with a 3 min PB; 58:12.  And I did this without really trying.

My montly number were pretty good.  105.9 miles, and I'm currently on a 13 day running streak.  If this was a 'normal month' in regards to the number of days I most likely would have 114 miles logged (30 day moving average)

My graph

PB-wise I did set three this month.  My 3-mile PB on the first of the month: 27:11 (9:04 pace), my 10k PB: 58:12 (9:22 pace), and my new distance PB of 11.45 miles.  I'm very pleased with my effort and results and I can't wait to see my progress at the end of March.

Keep Steppin'


Running Through Life said...

It sounds like the p90x is really working for you. You could be an infomercial for the product.

Anonymous said...

I'd call you PB Man, but then everyone would call you Peanut Butter!