Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Another Day Closer

I'm kind of flying up to my 10k Race date now, it's suprising how fast it's approaching now only 18 days until the event.  The question I now have to face is; "Am I going to change my race goal since I've already run a sub 60 min 19k now."  After thinking about it yesterday and today I think I am going to revise this goal.

So here it is: 58:00 is now my goal.  I'll be happy with anything under 60 mins though, but I think I can do this.  Everything from here on out is going to be longer slower miles, no tempo runs period.  I just want to keep running up to my race date and take it easy on my legs in the meantime. 

Speaking of taking it easy, I'm currently on a 14-day running streak again and my legs are a little tired right now with the P90x workouts included.  Still I want to continue on my current streak and see if I can beat my PB of 19 days here.  Conditioning wise I'm ok, it's my shins that are tired, no shin splints, just tired legs.  So I'm watching how they feel here over the next few days - if they don't recover like I think they will I'll dial down my effort this weekend.

P90x is still going well - last night Kempo felt good even if Beth was kidding me that I was getting to into it.  I eally like that workout - it seems to work everyting for me, and I feel so good after doing it.  Right now almost every muscle in my body is sore to some extent - from my arches in my feet to my shoulders.  Very slowly I'm noticing a new 'cut' somewhere on my body, today it was a new muscle in my shins that are more defined (I'm guessing that's why my shins are so sore).  My weight loss has basically stopped this week (196 lbs) but I'm getting stronger in my core and that's all I'm really looking for right now.

Last night's run was really easy 2.23 miles with Bogey just to get out and get my legs loose.  We ran it at a 10:19 pace so I kept itreally slow, maybe a little too slow since I was shooting for a 10:00 pace.  Tonight my goal is the same run, just nice and easy.

Total workout time yesterday:
Walking: 60 min
Running: 30 min
P90x: 60 min

Total: 150 mins <--  I'll take this anyday since I consder this was an 'easy' day now.
Total Miles: 5.5 miles (approx)

Keep Steppin'

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The Boring Runner said...

Wow! That is awesome. Resetting race goals is always a good feeling. 2 minutes on a 10k is a GREAT improvement. Nice work.