Monday, March 8, 2010

Two Thumbs and a Big Toe Down!

Wednesday last week I dislocated my right thumb trying to grab a soccer ball in the air with one hand.  I was coaching Abby's team and had just finished instructing the girls to shoot low and into the corners when Abby stepped up and shot high and towards my head - I reached up and just swiped at the ball trying to catch it with one hand.  Needless to say I closed my hand too quickly and my thumb decided to pop out of joint near my palm.  Without attracting too much attention, I just grabbed my hand and pulled it back into place.  For about two days it was so sore I couldn't open any type of jar if you had asked me to.  Real manly I know.

That brings us to Saturday, Beth had put Cade into our shower (we have one of the handheld showerheads) when he likes to play with the water and all of our soap/shampoo containers.  I was downstairs getting ready for Abby's first soccer game and all of the sudden Cade starts screaming bloody murder.  My first instinct was that he had moved the water handle to 'scalding', and yes we do have a scalding setting on our shower, but that's another story.  I come flying up our stairs - jump the baby gate at the bottom, and started taking stairs 2-3 at a time.  Now our stairs have two turns in them doubling back on themselves, after making the two left turns I was approaching the final three steps with Cade's screaming coming from the bathroom - Beth flew past me in the hallway just above and I went to grab the top bannister as I jumbed the final stairs.  Well I missed the bannister and jammed by left thumb into the railing.  Being off balanced I then drove my left big toe into the riser of the very top step.  Still I didn't really feel anything and rushed into the bathroom where Beth was reaching into the shower to turn the water off.  Cade had slipped, and the showerhead was flinging around the shower scaring him.  Once I realized he was ok I felt the pain in my thumb..... damm another sprain - I'm not going to get anothing open anything now.....  Oddly my toe didn't start to feel bad until we got to Abby's game - when I got home I stripped off my shoes and socks to find a nice swollen and blue big toe.

Needless to say I didn't get my long run in this weekend and I'm still hobbling around on my foot - both of my thumbs are sore (actually I'm not typing with them just yet) so I'm not planning to run until most likely Wednesday.  I'm not too worried about my 10k coming up - it's far enough away that I should be fine.  I'm already ready for it and I'm looking forward to the expirence.

I was still able to get in a couple of walks with Bogey this weekend - nothing big but it did keep my streak alive for the time being.  My streak is now 20 days which is a new personal best for me.  Hopefully I can keep it going - my toe is starting to feel a little better today so that's not going to be the issue if I do ed the streak.  It's will be my laziness raising it's head if the streak gets broken.

Other than that not much to report - I struggled through P90x this weekend (due to my 'injuries') and tonight is day 30.  So we'll have to do all of our measurements tonight to see if anything has changed.  I'm a little nervous to see the numbers just beacuse I don't want to be disappointed if they aren't that I'm expecting.

Keep Steppin'


teacherwoman said...

Wow! Both thumbs and a toe in ONE weekend? Not cool! Hope they heal fast!

Anne said...

Keep that streak can do it! ...thank goodness you don't run on your hands :) Hope you're feeling all better real soon.

Running Through Life said...

Someone is telling you to take a short rest. I hope you heel and feel better soon.