Thursday, March 4, 2010

Took a Day Off

Yesterday I took the day off pretty much.  My legs were just a little too sore and I was just a little too lazy.  Still it wasn't a total loss - I walked the girls to school, and Beth and I did our P90x program for the day.  So today instead of talking about what I did, I wanted to take some time totalk about my monthly plans and beyond.

This month I've set just a few goals:
  • Run / Walk / Cycle 110 miles for the month
  • Break 58:00 for my 10k Race on March 21st
  • Create a new PB for distance - longer than 11.45 miles
  • Cycle 15 miles for the month
  • Break my running streak of 19 days
Beyond this, I'm still working towards my half marathon in May with my goal of 2:15:00.  Training I'm going to do my own plan - I've been running long enough to put it together, nothing too formal but something to push me along.  Most likely I'll have a long run of 13+ miles sometime between my 10k and the half.  I know that most plans don't have a long run that long, but I really want to know what my body will do at that distance. 

P90x is getting close to our 30-day mark now and I'm starting to see subtle changes, nothing drastic, but enough to keep the program going.  I still can't say enough about the core strength though, It's making me faster for sure.

My running streak is now 15 days and going strong - I'm going to shoot for breaking 19 days in a row (a new PB).  Hopefully yesterday was my 'down' day and I'll be able to string together a good 7-10 days now.  This morning my legs feel pretty refreshed.  Either way, from here on out to my race every run is going to be very easy.  I want to be strong on race day  (16 days away) in order to give me a chance at that PB.

Keep Steppin'


teacherwoman said...

Will this be your first half marathon? I have only done one, and when I was training, the longest run I got in prior to the race was 9.5 miles... not a good plan. This year, if I do the half, I am hoping to get atleast a 11-12 mile run in there!

Bob Hazen said...

This will be my first in about 20 years.... And even then it's only my second one ever. I'm really looking forward to it :)

The Boring Runner said...

Hmmm. So the p90x is working huh? Bummer. I was hoping that you would say that it was a total waste of time and that you've had better luck doing nothing :)

That would make my doing nothing MUCH easier to take.