Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Log Entry 11/10/08

The last few days have been really busy with work, soccer, family etc.... Still I've been running pretty much everyday. Sunday was my last day off in about a week time frame. Overall my legs are a little tired and sore and my back is still bothering me a little bit but other than that I feel pretty good. Breathing is coming around and I can tell I'm getting stronger.

Miles: 1.67
Avg pace: 18:16
Time: 30:29


Miles: 3.02
Avg Pace: 9:50
Time: 29:41

Splits: 10:04, 10:02, 9:35

I felt pretty good during the run once I warmed up. Hopefully tomorrow I won't be too sore. Overall I didn't try to push too hard, just hard enough at the end to break 30 mins.

I'm getting really close to linking my new training log, keep an eye out for the change.

Keep Steppin'

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Kelly said...

I haven't even read your post but I have to say "show off". Thanks for running the mile for me. I did two today after work.