Thursday, November 6, 2008

I have a follower! And other running stuff.....

It's kind of hard to believe that Someone is actually reading this - I wasn't going to mention anything (I though maybe it's bad blog protocol), but Thank You Kelly for taking the time reading my little edge of the blog sphere. I hope it's not too boring and that you continue to keep reading. BTW I love your blog and encourage anyone to read it.

On to running related stuff - I'm currently in the process of switching my running log over to RunningAhead. I had been using FavoriteRun for about 15 months and haven't really been happy with it. The thing that sold me on RunningAhead was the creator himself: Eric. After dropping Eric an e-mail on Wednesday, I promptly received a e-mail back within 24-hours with answers to all my questions, and concerns. I'm convinced that this guy is dedicated to producing a nice 'free' running site. Eric has put together a nice easy-to-use site with custom graphing functions. Mapping is included with fairly quick page loading times, and a fairly active board where there are people who respond quickly and nice towards even the most basic of questions. (The fact that most of the BB'er are refugees from the old Cool Running site is a rather nice bonus.) If you're in the market for a nice on-line running log take at look at what Eric's created over at RunningAhead.

Now comes the personal running stuff; over the last few days I been struggling with lower back issues, at first I wasn't sure where it was coming from but I know the pain was enough to cause actual pain and difficulty in walking. So for about two days I popped some painkillers and waited to see if the pain would go away. What was it? I was leaning towards a pinched nerve and sleeping 'weird' but that didn't seem right to me. It was only after I pulled out the 'tens unit' did I get any relief. In fact it worked so well I decided to try running last night. Low and behold I felt pretty good, so I added another mile. Still in the back of my mind was; "Why am I hurting so much? Am I overdoing it with my running? Putting in too many miles too quickly?" Only when I went to do my sit-up for the day did I know where the pain was coming from. I'm USING MUSCLES that I haven't used in a while! The tens unit had loosened up my back to the point where I wasn't feeling any pain, but as soon as I tried to do a sit up it locked back up! Damm I'm stupid! At lease I found the cause, and I can work around it now. (I really need my core muscles stronger, otherwise I'll never get any better in my running.)

This morning I feel a little better - still hurting, and in fact I'm using the tens right now as I type. But I'm happy to find the source, and I know I can work around it. If I'm careful I'll stronger here in the next few days. I just need to get over this hump.

Miles: 2.0
Avg Pace: 10:09
Time: 20:18

Keep Steppin'

PS once I get my log transferred and reviewed I'll make it available for viewing. Hopefully that will be completed by this weekend.


Kelly said...

2 miles at 10:08? That's fast. Especially for not feeling well and having back issues. Do you go to a gym? Do they have any fancy machines to use instead of the good old fashioned crunch that's hurting your back? Sounds like you've had back problems before if you have a TENS units. Are you stretching properly? Sorry, I'm a nurse. :D

Bob Hazen said...

Kelly - EACH mile was at a 10:08 pace not 10:08 total (I wish I was that fast.) That's pretty slow for me if I only plan a single mile run - I'm normally pacing myself 30-40 seconds faster per mile right now. Currently I don't go to any gym. I got so tired with the whole 'meat market' stuff they have driven me away. Plus I'd rather spend time with the family, and 'sneek' out for a run after they go to bed.

As for my back issues - I've had them for a long time. (I was very rough on my body growing up; about 15 broken bones, sprains, tears, pulls, etc...) Luckly my mother was a nurse (tramua) and my father was a doctor (oncology PP) so I was always in pretty good hands. (BTW - that's was one reason that made me take notice of your blog.)

I've altered my crunches to lower the strain, I was just suprised the crunches were the cause - granted I don't have a ripped stomach so I souldn't have been suprised but in my mind I'm still the 18 year old when it comes to my physical shape.

Stretching has never been a strong suit for me - even back in HS and college I could never touch my toes. In the past I've tried yoga and a few flexibility programs but I'm VERY uncomfortable stretching so I don't do it enough. This in conjunction to me tearing both quads and hanstrings in the past doesn't help. Even though one quad tear was back in college I can still feel the scar tissue in the muscle if I dig a finger into my leg, almost a complete seperation from the muscle to the tendon that attaches to the knee. The hammys I tore playing softball a few years back and every once in a while I can still feel them stretch (those were ugly tears with all the blood pooling at the backs of my knees). So I do have flexibility issues but I'm just a mess. (My wife calls me a baby)

Ironically, the tens unit was given to me by my father-in-law (pharmicutical (sp?) sales, and my mother-in law (high risk pregancy NR) But I still use it from time-to-time and it is a Godsend.

Thanks for reading! Please keep the advise coming. And good luck on your oncology training! I spent several summers working at my Dad's practice filing charts and I could NEVER do what you NR's do. You are one of the people who make the whole industry hold together. Keep up the good work!