Friday, December 26, 2008

Lazy Week + Christmas!

This week has been rather slow and I'm embarrassed to say so far I haven't run a measly mile - yet. The poor weather has finally passed us and I plan to get a few miles in today and tomorrow.

Christmas was great! The kids really enjoyed themselves this year, and we presented their Maui airfare tickets for our trip in Feb as one of their gifts, let's just say it went over well. For a while there when gas was so high Beth and I discussed leaving them behind. Now we should have a great family vacation together.

We spent time with both side of the family, and ate too much rich foods and sweets. Santa left Abby a new beach cruiser bike, and Cade got some cool RC 'monster trucks'. Alex pulled in about $70 in cash, and still had his Mom's side of the family to go.

I'll blog more about some running (once I do some.) I guess I don't have to 'taper' for the 1st Annual Bob Hazen Birthday Ladera Ranch 5k......

Merry Christmas!


Denise said...

Hey, can you take me on that trip, too?? :-)

Bob Hazen said...

Can you fit in my golf bag?