Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cold / Wet Weather

This rant is in no way intended to insult anyone in non-sunny states (or North Dakota). If any offense is taken, please be aware I will plead weather insanity and 'black out' all knowledge of this post.

Ok - I know I'm a Southern California boy born and raised, but I really, really hate cold, wet weather. (That's why I still live here) Over the past 5 days it's been both. sub 50 weather and very wet. I don't do very well in this kind of weather let alone run in it.

And before you all start laughing at me or sending me comments about running in sub 0 weather - I don't care. I live in SUNNY Southern California, I have solar panels on my roof for God sake! If I wanted rain and poor weather I'd live in the Midwest or in the eastern seaboard....... Been there, done that and I don't like it. I pay more taxes to be a home owner in California, so our government should get together with Mother Nature and put my money to good use - go dump all that rain on North Dakota. Shoot we just fined our local water district for dumping raw sewage into parkland areas up the road from my home, why can we just fine Mother Nature for not holding up her end and allowing all this rain to dump on my house? BTW 392,000 gallons? Come on some yahoo at a control panel must have known something was up? No pressure sensors on that waste line? Damm my 2001 Saturn has a ton of sensors in it that tell me all sorts of stuff.......
Keep Steppin'

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Tanya said...

Thanks for joining my little corner of the blogosphere. I think you're the only California person who follows me-I agree, if I wanted to live in cold weather I would go to Wisconsin and learn to like cheese curds!