Saturday, December 12, 2009

Where has the year disappeared to?

Lately I've been very bad about bloging about my experiences. Maybe because I feel that I don't have anything very interesting to write about but more likely it's just because I've been feeling lazy. That's not a good excuse and I wanted to take the time to apologize to everyone who faithly read my little blog. I promise to at least write about my mundane training runs on a more continual basis.

Ok with the apology out of the way - I have been running. Not as much as I want to (yea its the lazy thing again). Honestly life has gotten in the way recently for me. I've been spending a lot of time with my younger boy right now, cleaning the house and trying to learn / take instructional classes about stock trading. Now and then I do get a good run in so everything isn't lost in regards to my conditioning.

Just the other day I got without a kid or dog in tow and the weather was beautiful. Crystal clear with crisp air. I'm guessing the temp was around 55 but the sun was out without a cloud in the sky. Everything felt really good and my body responded to my run without any aches or pains. I live for these runs. After an hour I found myself back home and disappointed that the run was over. I could have gone another hour easily but I was out of time and needed to get the kids picked up from Grandma's.....

Other things I have going on is my laptop is on the fritz over the past few months. So far Dell has come out and replaced two touchpads and a HD. And STILL I'm having issues. Once this gets cleared up, I'll download pictures my my external HD and get them posted. I have Thanksgiving and Yosemite family pics I wanted to share. The colors in Yosemite was beautiful!

I'm slowly becoming addicted to FB. So I'm going to start linking this blog to my FB page and vice versa. Up to know I've kept them separate, but I guess the people I know can read this without me feeling too much shame..... :)

Final news is I've made up my mind and I'm going to run a half this May. My conditioning is good right now and I feel good about being able to finish without embarrassing myself.

Keep Steppin'


Lisa said...

And THAT is exactly why I didn't buy a Dell when I bought a laptop earlier this year. Dell SUCKS and I will never ever buy another one. I hope you can get the issue resolved though and your laptop is back in working order.

So exciting about the decision to run a half in May. I've pretty much decided to run one in early June but at the moment I'm injured so a lot hinges on that.

Bob Hazen said...

Yeah I got the DELL XPS for the processor, and it's been a nightmare so far. We'll see what happens after this touchpad get replaced. My wife has already set it up for a full refund if this doesn't solve the problem(s).

The Boring Runner said...

I saw that you were posting again - glad to see it.

I myself have been rather busy with work so I haven't had a chance to comment much over the last few days.

FB is VERY addicting. Feel free to look me up if you want. I searched for you, but there are a LOT of Bob H's out there :)