Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Parent / Teacher Conference

Ahhh, I'm going to my daughter's conference on Thursday morning by myself (she's 8, third grade). This will be my first conference I've ever been to. (My ex-wife has gone to my 15 year old son's every time) What do I do? Do you just sit there and listen to what the teacher says? Do I come with a list of questions/concerns? Can I show up wearing my running gear so I can get in a three miler afterwards before I have to pick-up my kids at Grandma's?

Other note - I'm taking the family to a late season visit to Yosemite at the end of next week. Has anyone ever run the trails there? I'd like to squeeze in a couple of runs just so I can say I ran Yosemite.
Finally I'd like to welcome my 'new' readers - please check out their blogs. Everything I read are great follows and I love following your stories.

Keep Steppin'


Unknown said...

Ha! I love your priorities..."Can I wear my running gear so I can get in a three miler?" That's so great!

I'm a teacher and I'd love to have parents LEAVE THEIR CELL PHONES , Blackberries and ANYTHING else distracting, IN THE CAR during our conferences! This is time to talk about YOUR little girl, not to everyone who can't leave you alone for a half hour. Sorry-that's just my pet peeve about conferences!
Thanks for visiting my blog and it's fun visiting yours and all of the new ones lately. HAPPY running in Yosemite!

Lisa said...

I generally ask the teachers how they are performing and behaving. Do they participate in class? How are they socially? And I ask about any concerns I may have about particular subjects they may be struggling in. Good luck!

Unknown said...

I pretty much sat their and listened to their teacher tell me what and how they were doing.

The Boring Runner said...

Must be that time of year... there are 2-3 people at work had to leave early today to go to conferences at different districts.