Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Slowly I'm Progressing

It's been about ten days since my last post (really?!?) and I've been really busy with both personal stuff, family, and my running. Currently I'm on pace for a 90 mile month so I'll have to pick it up this week if I want to hit that 100 mark again. Stroller runs ARE making me stronger, and I'm not doing enough running with my partner Bogey.

Have you ever heard of a dog bonking out on a run? Well that's exactly what happened to Bogey and I last weekend. My wife took our kids out to watch their cousin's football game and that left Bogey and I with a couple hours to burn, so I decided to go out on a 'longish' run. Now when I though of the ides I was thinking of a three miler, but within 2 mins of leaving the house I knew I could go for 7-10 by just how I felt. Immediately I changed course and set out for my longer loop that I could add to as we went. The loop itself is about 6.5 miles and the add on could increase this distance by at least 4-5 miles if I wanted to. Weather wise it was kind of hot for this time of the year (82 degrees) for the late afternoon but I wasn't worried about myself - but I should have been worried for my partner. (Small note: last attempt at this particular loop I myself crashed sometime last year.) About 2 miles into the run I noticed Bogey was lagging behind me, tongue rolling out of his mouth and panting hard. At first I thought it was because we had just past the Dog Park and he wanted to play, but very quickly I realized he was completely out of gas - so for the next 10 mins we waked so he could cool down and catch his breath. After that it was a slow jog downhill straight home, no addons, shoot we didn't even complete the loop (4.5 miles only). Still it got me thinking, I guess even dogs can have bad days.

My other runs have been good though - I'm still pushing Cade in the stroller and I'm getting quicker, below is my pace chart (weekly) in regards to my stroller runs. I'm impressed with myself because I'm not trying to increase pace here - just working on getting in longer more meaningful runs.

My graph

Keep Steppin'


Kathy said...

Hey! Great job, keep it up!! :)

Lisa said...

Hey there, thanks for becomming a follower of my blog. I read through a few of your posts... you have a beautiful family. I think it's so cool that you run with the stroller... usually it's the women who do that.

I've become a follwer of your blog as well and I'm adding you to my reader.

Lisa said...

Forgot to say that your Cabo Retreat link doesn't work. We LOVE Cabo and have been twice. Where do you stay?

Bob Hazen said...

Thanks for joining! I've 'fixed' my Cabo link - they changed their website. My wife and I spend time down there the first week of April when we go. Solmar Suites its the last buildings on the Pacific side before you get to the Arch. Beautiful area and adults only. :)

The Boring Runner said...

Ha! Ran the dog tired.

The NY Times did an article about how the human body is built for distance running - and how bushmen will run down their prey. Of course, I'm not suggesting that you run so far your dog keels over - but hopefully you see the similarities.