Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Morning Outing

This morning was interesting - I took Cade for a run in the jogging stroller. I don't know how people do that every run. It's really tough and kind of unnatural - your arms are up, and you really can't swing them very well while holding the jogger. Oh well I'll get better at this.

2.73 miles on a hilly course pushing Cade in 32:11 I'll take that today. I'm still going to log another 3-5 miles later today so I'm just glad to get out and run.

The market is going crazy this morning - I'll have to keep a close eye on a few stocks. More later after my night run.

Keep Steppin'


montisse98 said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! The market's been crazy for quite some time now. I see a big correction in the near future -thinking the Dow will probably revisit the 7000s soon. :)

The Boring Runner said...

I've always thought that EXACT same thing. Running with a stroller has to be TOUGH.