Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Got To Love It!

Yesterday's run was good - as most of you know I currently run pushing my 3 year old during these outings......

Cade - Daddy, when will we be home?

Me - About 10 mins *puff puff*

Cade - What?

Me - I said about 10 mins, all we have to do is run up this hill.

Cade - What hill? That one? He points to a wilderness ridge that dominates out local skyline (It's about 600 ft high straight up)

Me - No, we're following the street today. (Silence, insert crickets here.)

Cade - Daddy?

Me - Yeah? *puff puff*

Cade - This isn't a hill.......

Damm I ran up the whole damm thing.

Keep Steppin'


The Boring Runner said...

HA! I seriously laughed out loud at that.

Bob Hazen said...

I just realized that the picture of Cade looks like he's going after the box of matches.... Really we're not that bad of parents. It was his Birthday and the cake is out of frame.....