Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Not Much Going On

I haven't been running that much lately.  The kids are off on Spring Break and I've been kind of busy lately, so I've missed a few runs as of late.  I'm not worried, P90x is going well and I'm sure I'll pick up my workouts later this week.

Easer was fun, the kids had a great easter egg hunt and we spent the afternoon at my in-laws.  I have a ton of pictures and as soon as I get them downloaded I'll throw some of them up here to share.

I did get another 20 mile bike ride in over the weekend that felt really good. I recovered much quicker from this ride than the one I did the week before.  Hopefully I can work in this 20 miler every Saturday from here on out.  It really helps my hips and keeps my conditioning level up so an off day.

Monthly Totals were solid:
  • Total Miles for March: 117.1 
  • Miles for 2010:  423.9
  • 4 mile PB: 37:34
  • 10k PR: 57:25
  • Ran 2 out of 31 days
Keep Steppin'

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teacherwoman said...

You're totals for March were solid! Nice work!