Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hawaii was Great!

I'm back home now and so glad we went! Beth purchased a new (very nice) camera so I'll be sharing a ton of pictures. I didn't have the chance to get any running in, but we did do some hiking in with a kid on my back so I think I got some good workouts in.

Notice I DID take my running shoes....... I just didn't actually run with them. :)

Keep Steppin'


The Boring Runner said...

Hawaii is amazing. My favorite place that I have traveled so far. It looks like you guys had a great time!

Some people may disagree, but I always thought that vacation was a time to 'use' some of the burnt calories that we've all been banking up over the last XX months. :) No working out while not on the mainland!

laderarunner said...

Hey!!! Good to see a running blog from Ladera. This is a great place to run, even with some of the crazy weather, but I love running in the rain. Do you ever run the trails up behind narrow canyon? Some really tough hills.

Bob Hazen said...

I live off Narrow Canyon - but I really don't work those hills too often because I usually run at night. But I do go there. In fact I hiked it on Thursday with my son on my back.