Friday, May 15, 2009


Disappointment in myself is my general theme this past week. I haven't hit any of my weekly goals I have made for myself and that combined with last weeks' illness kind of has me down a little. Just a couple of weeks ago I was on a high and now I'm struggling. We all go through these ups and downs so mentally I'm ok.

This weekend I'm planning about 8 miles running and another 15 cycling so I should be right back on track for the month. Also I'll sign up for my race - just a little over a week before the event. I'm looking forward to that also.

Keep Steppin'


Unknown said...

You can't do anything now about last week. All you can do is get back at it and make next week a great training week.

The Boring Runner said...

Chad is right - plan a path forward. It sounds like you already have a good start and will be back on track before you know it!